Weekly Specials


  1. Every week, 7 pairs of random hot shoes will be featured in the Weekly Specials section. These specially discounted shoes refresh every Thursday.
  2. The Weekly Special prices cannot be combined with coupon codes or other sitewide discounts. They are a unique single price for that week only.
  3. Shoes in the Weekly Specials section are not eligible for additional bundling promotions like “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” or extra discounts on multiple pairs. The special weekly price is the maximum possible discount.
  4. Each week’s special selection is handpicked to offer customers a diverse range of top brands, styles, and categories so everyone can find a great deal.
  5. The Weekly Specials showcase limited inventory at an unbeatable price. Once they sell out, the special pricing cannot be recreated for that style that week.
  6. Sign up for alerts so you never miss out on amazing Weekly Special deals before they vanish! First access goes to our email insiders.
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