Turbosneaker 2024 Q2 Affiliate Invite Event – Earn Free Shoes and Cash Rewards!

Discord Announcement:

Attention sneaker community! Turbosneaker is launching an exciting Affiliate program this quarter from March 5th to June 5th where you can earn free merchandise and cash commissions.

Here are the details:

  1. Limited to the first 100 approved affiliates, so sign up now at https://www.turbosneaker.com/affiliate-area/ (See https://www.turbosneaker.com/what-is-an-affiliate/ for more info)
  2. Share your unique affiliate link with friends and earn 10% commission on their orders (up to 20% for higher tiers!)
  3. Get your own custom promo code to provide discounts to those you refer!
  4. After driving 5 successful orders, you’ll receive a FREE pair of shoes or apparel/accessories up to the average purchase value.
  5. Only promote within your own network and invited Discord community. Violations will result in commission removal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn passive income and free Turbosneaker merchandise! Join the affiliate program today for great rewards.

Samantha Chao
Event Planning Manager, TurboSneaker

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